Mobile SDK


The Proxy Mobile SDK gives you the ability to embed Proxy signaling technology into your app, allowing any person using your app to be represented in the physical world via their Proxy signal, and detected by other devices in the Proxy network.

Once integrated into your app, the Proxy Mobile SDK runs in the background and automatically manages the phone's BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radio for signaling and communication with Proxy devices. Users of your app can start interacting with Proxy devices such as door readers and kiosks without any additional actions.

To emit a person's Proxy signal from your app, you must first authenticate their Proxy account. This is a one-time process which verifies that this person has access to this account, and confirms privacy permissions and information that will be shared with the app. Once authenticated, the SDK keeps track of all communication with the Proxy cloud service, so there is no need to ask for or store their credentials.

The Proxy Mobile SDK has been designed to make it super simple to incorporate the full power of Proxy within your own app with just a few lines of code. There is plenty more functionality and capabilities available, which will be documented over time.

Getting started


Proxy Mobile SDK for iOS is supported on iOS devices with iOS 11.0 or later.
Check out our Getting Started with iOS guide to learn more.


Proxy Mobile SDK for Android is supported on Android 5.0 "Lollipop" or later.
Check out our Getting Started with Android guide to learn more.